Massage is a great many things to a great many people. Massage is stretching, rubbing, beating, kneading, sensual, painful, releasing, relaxing. Massage helps to unwind the mind as well as the body.

I believe in both an analytical and an intuitive approach to massage therapy. Cold, intellectual analysis often misses nuance, and likewise sometimes intuition misses the larger relationships between parts of the body. In my practice, I try to combine both my intellectual and intuitive understandings of the human body in order to most effectively fit your needs. I want to find the best way to help to alleviate your pain and to help you to relax.

Currently, I offer the following massage modalities:


A relaxing, circulatory massage that focuses on long, kneading, circular strokes in order to help release surface tension and circulate blood.

Deep Tissue

A technique of firm, deep pressure across and along the bellies of muscles in order to break up scar tissue and elongate muscles.

Active Release

A type of deep tissue that uses trigger points and the muscle’s natural movement in order to loosen the muscle and break up scar tissue.

Sports Massage

A cousin to Swedish massage, sports massage is a fast circulatory modality good for pre event warm up. In sports massage, the aim is not to relax, but more to get blood moving without the sedation of Swedish massage or the heightened loosening of deep tissue. Sports massage is generally set to loud, pounding music.

Chair Massage

A less formal type of massage, generally done at events and good for its fast turnover. Chair massage tends to be less structurally intensive and more generally relaxing.